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Adventures in Modern Trolling
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25th-Sep-2009 04:59 pm - 「tROLL gAME」


Trevor Downs is not a murderer but he killed a girl.
Trevor is mysteriously invited to a competition where the contestants must troll the general public for points.
The one with the most points after a one month period wins $10 million.
...of the Pandora Prescription spambot. This time as bookey_10.

I know it's not that interesting, but I think we can start laying odds at to whether this one will out-last the Music Festival spambot! I think that one was at least... what? 10 usernames that we know of? I'd bet even money that this one will last as long, if not longer! *le sigh*

EDIT: fixed the subject line, this in #4, not #3!
6th-Jul-2008 08:49 pm - They're baaaaaaack!
I just knew we hadn't heard the last of the Pandora Prescription troll! My cynicism was rewarded today with not one, not two, but three types of posts! This time under the name pandorasreal - not at all telling, that name...

The old classic:

Hi all,

I have been reading the Pandora Prescription lately. Its a good read, and now theres this treasure thing on youtube about it..

could this be real?

www . youtube.com/watch?v=rbx3qnKKC0Q
(link broken in original)


just the address: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbx3qnKKC0Q (again, not a working link)


the new, youtube video embed! No descriptions, no titles, just the video (of course!)

[I also found that I really dislike community pages that don't display the lj-name of the person posting - makes it tough to see who posted what, especially in a case like this. :/ But it appears that they've spammed about 20 or so communities this evening.]
18th-Jun-2008 09:47 pm - Another 'click me!' multi-post
So it seemed harmless at first. Over at bookish solidnstripes posts a message:

Hello all

I am reading Pandora Prescription and now there's this treasure hunt..

can this be real??


...my eyes skimmed over it at first, because it did say 'reading' and I wasn't paying much attention. But a second later I did a double-take and did a search. Turns out that not only has solidnstripes posted in several communities, there's a second dog in the fight now - jakemolly45.

Click here for the Google blog search listing for that youtube videoCollapse )

Really, I'm not looking forward to a repeat of that music festival crap. That seemed to go on forever...
2nd-Apr-2008 08:50 am(no subject)
Veni Vici Vetinari
Possible Braumsgirl sock insulting us all in c_suck_snark.

did you all have fun at your job where you suck up bullshit then spew it out allover the net?

or are you finally ready to pull up your big kid pants and get a real job?

She is such a bad troll, which is why she's annoying. She doesn't even do anything funny, just use "grow up" insults that don't work.
17th-Jan-2008 02:36 pm - Coming to a community near you..
stupidity zone
I was advised yesterday by smeddley of the very short-lived 6th incarnation of the Berlin Festival Troll as bad_chrome and now today with a slightly changed MO is dobry_den. These revised 'let's pretend I am a real LJer' text reads:

"Hello, I'm new to LJ.

20 y/o, from Sydney, Australia and I have a quick question...

What should I do about THIS?
( link to the stupid festival)


Sample: books and likely coming to many others on your friends' lists soon.
13th-Jan-2008 05:35 pm - Trollus Spammicus Fails at HTML
Yep the 5th incarnation appears following the suspension of pleix as pliex and they begin to spam in about 55 communities. However, this time they've fucked up their HTML so everyone who hasn't realised it is the same old spam and clicks the link gets a 404 error.

Here is their livejournal_uk entry though as always expect the mods to delete.
11th-Jan-2008 01:57 pm - For our Friday afternoon troll watch
troll sorceress
No sooner is hello_buck pushing up daisies in suspension graveyard than a new festival promoter pops up on 130+ communities named pleix. Same link with lame attempt to get you to click this time saying:

"if you haven't see this already" with link and a final *sigh*

Examples with troll-spotting comments: cat-lovers and vegetarian.

Edit: 13th January Suspended and now the fifth incarnation pliex is born and begins to spam.
6th-Jan-2008 08:03 am - This troll has 9 lives
trolls peace out!, troll
hello_buck appears to be the latest incarnation of a spamming idiot troll (I'd love that classification to be translated into Latin or mock Latin).

Their approach is always the same: a short and cheerful message with a link to 'Adidas Originals' festival with a 'check this out'. Here is a sample in Book_Icons. I'm sure it will be short-lived.

This is the third time I've encountered this troll with the first one popping up twice in the new community I'm co-maintaining bookormovie in the last days of 2007. I deleted and reported as spam and within a day the account was suspended. Not my efforts alone by no means as they spam-bombed over 100 communities.

Then some of the book related communities I read were spam-bombed with almost exactly the same wording and certainly the same link. Again 100+ communities.

I see this one just re-inventing itself over and over.

Edit: Not a new incarnation but another sighting of a Trollus Spammicus (thanks eald) titled freecashreview. It must the month for them.
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